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School Bus Accident: Steps to Take as a Parent
Every parent wishes that their children will return to them healthy and in one piece having had a busy day at school. This however is not always the case since your child may be involved in a school bus accident. The purpose of this homepage is to educate you more about what you should do following this incident as you and your child have the rights to pursue justice and have your peace of mind.
Your first and immediate action after you discover that your child got involved in a school bus accident is to take him or her to a medical doctor for examination It is paramount that you do this even when you cannot detect any harm as a result of the school bus accident because your child may have suffered from internal injuries and these injuries cannot be seen with your eyes. Once there explain to the doctor what happened and take your child
through all the necessary medical procedures as advised by the doctor.
Next start the process of recording the details of the accident by asking your child about what actually happened and considering contacting other people with the relevant information who may include parents other pupils and people who may have been resent at the accident location during the time. Record the details of the schools next step after the accident especially if the representatives call to inform you about what they are planning to do after the incident.
In addition avoid disclosing the details of the accident to other people other than the doctor and your lawyer. At this time avoid contacts with anyone who works in school since they might lure you to giving your side of the story then turn your words against you. Suing a school for negligence is a sensitive and challenging process but the pain is worth since you are doing it to save your child from future troubles resulting from the harm caused by the accident.
Additionally it is paramount that you keep a record of your child’s medical history from
the time the incident took place. Also lookout for any emotional illness that may follow the school bus incident such as nightmares, depression insomnia and your child getting frightened at the sight of cars. Discussing these symptoms with the doctor is paramount and take care to record all the visits made to the doctor since if you decide to sue the school this info will be required as evidence in court.
With this advise you can now consider hiring a lawyer if you are in a situation.