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The Protocol to Observe when Buying a Used Car

When you set out to buy a used vehicle, you need to check it for flood damage. While it may seem like a small issue, it can pose more problems than you anticipated. You will use up too much time and money repairing flood damage. Now is a good time to find out more about how to identify flood damage on a car.

Flood damage is bad for the operation of electrical parts. There are electrical parts that you can live without. But there are the important bit like the braking system that must be in working order all the time. The importance of flood damage inspection cannot be stressed more than this.

You need to check for a funny smell from the car. A car shall develop a particular smell with time. But a bad smell needs to be further investigated. A musty smell is a good indicator of the damage.

Malfunctioning electronics are the other sign. You can do this when you check out each electrical component on the car.

Check the vehicle history, for reports of any flooding it sustained. Some owners may not have thought of having these records altered to reflect no flooding history.

You can also check for muddy areas. These shall need you to pay attention to the areas around the door, under the liner, and such. The spare tire well is another area.
Flooding will also leave the filter paper crumpled, which you can easily observe. Funding a wet one means you are dealing with a car that did flood.

More evidence is in the form of corroded surfaces and components. The undercarriage, brake lines, fuel tank area, and other parts are the best to inspect for this.

If the flooding was recent, there shall be moisture accumulated in the car. You shall know if this when you look at the headlights and taillights. Any area that has rust on it is another indicator of the car being a flood victim.

Stain marks can tell you if it as in a flood. If you find a stain whose origin was water on the seats, doors, flooring, and other surfaces, you can be sure there was a flood.

You also need to feel for moisture. Floods can leave a colorless and odorless damage. You need to therefore use your hands to feel the carpet, and the car body, for water, rust and corrosion.

You may have to spend quite some time doing this, but there is no better way for you to find out the extent of the damage the car sustained from a flood. You will discover more benefits of having a car this way, such as the money saved.

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